| All of our new and responsive website solutions do require a nominal continuation agreement of $49.95 per month (STRADA Bronze) which will provide the minimum required features to properly host and maintain your new website. In addition to this, we also offer tiered, extended service plans with a range of powerful add-ons and upgrades to your autoSTRADA SEO Website. Each of these additional service packages perfectly compliments the others to allow you to find the perfect fit for your website and business budget.

*All new autoSTRADA clients will receive a complimentary 60-day trial of our STRADA Gold service package with a paid subscription of our STRADA Bronze service package. 

Some listed services require client interaction and access to secure 3rd party services which can ;and may hinder set up and use. VehiclesNetwork is not responsible for a delay of use for any listed service related to required client interaction and participation.
Grandfathered platform pricing requires annual renewal (12 months prepay) to maintain. All month-to-month billing will be at standard published rates. We reserve the right to modify continuation plan features, inclusions, and prices.



  • Everything included in STRADA Bronze plan
  • autoSTRADA Maintenance Updates
  • Customer Support Live & Job Ticket
  • Hosting & POP3 Webmail (Up To 30)
  • Client Relation Manager (CRM)
  • Unlimited Imports & Exports
  • Branded Window Stickers



  • Everything included in STRADA Gold plan
  • STRADA Bronze + STRADA Gold
  • VehicleBlaster Network
  • Classified Listings
  • 3rd Party Data/Service Integrations
  • Chat & Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Facebook Autos Catalog
  • Dynamic Phone Number Support



  • Everything included in STRADA Gold plan
  • STRADA Bronze + STRADA Gold + STRADA Platinum
  • VirtualDEALER (Contact FREE Website Vehicle Buying Tool)
  • iPayAuto (PCI Compliant Customer Payment Portal System)
  • ** 700Credit Quick Qualify (Bundle of bureau pulls is required)
  • Bi-Yearly SEO Review


| autoSTRADA Maintenance Updates

With all digital technology things are constantly changing. You probably notice this most with common software updates for your smartphone however what you don't commonly see is all the work that goes into maintaining your cutting edge website platform. We provide lifetime updates to your software license while you're hosted with us free of charge so you can rest assured you have the latest and greatest.

| Customer Support Live & Job Ticket

When you host with us on our servers you get lots of benefits including our multi-point customer support services. We provide fast and convenient email support as well as a dedicated job ticket system built into your website platform. To top things off, we assign dedicated account managers to you along with our entire support team who are made available to you via phone during normal business hours.

| Hosting & POP3 Webmail (Up To 30)
When you host on our servers, your site is easily accessible for our team to resolve any issues you may have or make future changes to enhance your product. Features Include: Hosting on one of our dedicated servers with the optimal website serving technology, Free software license updates, unlimited bandwidth, up to 30 (POP3 Only) email addresses with advanced spam filtering.

| Client Relation Manager (CRM)
Keeping your client interactions, leads and communications neat and organized is key these days for fast responses and sales. That's why our autoSTRADA website platform comes with a built CRM / Lead Manager to help ensure your success. All multi-point lead collection funnels into this CRM allowing you and your sales team to respond via email with templates or custom messages right from the CRM.

| Unlimited Imports & Exports
Maintaining premium paid imports and exports can be super costly these days. With our this continuation package we include unlimited 3rd party imports and exports meaning that we can help you send and receive your inventory from just about anyplace. We also don't tack on expensive monthly fees on a per-feed basis so you can save that money or spend it on other advertising opportunities.

| Branded Window Stickers
Easily create and print Window Stickers for your vehicles. There are several user-selectable sizes, including formats for standard adhesive sheets and pocket sleeves. Create an eye-catching combination of vehicle information and your branding quick and easy. Window Stickers are downloadable .pdf’s making the entire process safe and easy for all devices and operating systems.


| STRADA Bronze + STRADA Gold
Included with your STRADA Gold Continuation package are all of the above-mentioned services from our STRADA Bronze Continuation package. Both of these packages work perfectly together complementing each other and providing you and your dealership the tool for success. Talk to one of our skilled support or sales team members today about upgrading to STRADA Gold!

| VehicleBlaster Network
VehicleBlaster is our online auto-shopping website distribution network. We are constantly adding new online listing services to our network reach as they become available so things are always expanding. We save you the tedious process of loading single vehicles to the most popular free online classified and auto shopping websites such as CarGurus, TruCar, Vast, Oodle, CarFax, and more.

| Classified Listings
If you specialize in unique or hard to find inventory, most likely you would benefit for any number of premium paid classified services such as eBay Motors or any other number of sites. Our team will work with you to determine your preferred posting schedule to organize your posts and help you make the most of your premium paid classified services.

| 3rd Party Data/Service Integrations
From special vehicle pricing tools to market area valuation, embedded tracking pixels and even 360 spin vehicle videos, 3rd party data, and service integrations have become a very common part of online automotive marketing. Our team can tackle any of these additions to your website with ease and the experience of over 450 data partnerships so contact a team member today for more information.

| Chat & Facebook Messenger Integration
Rapid response for all client interactions has become number one priority for auto dealerships leading the pack. Chat and Text integrations play a key role in your fast turnaround with interested car shoppers. Our team works with all of the major chat and text service providers to integrate their solutions with your website. We even work with Facebook Messenger to give you a direct pathway to customers.

| Facebook Autos Catalog
The average person spends no less than 35 minutes on Facebook every day. That's not hard to believe with everything we do in this digital community. Facebook catalog ties your inventory to your Facebook business page for retargeting your inventory for users within Facebook. Speak with a member of our team today for more details about requirements and getting started today. 

| Dynamic Phone Number Support
Leads submitted from a specific source are easy to track. The same can't be said for inbound phone calls and ups, or can it? With our dynamic phone number support and integration, we can work with any 3rd party provider you choose to place dedicated dynamic numbers for tracking within your website/s and even other supported VehiclesNetwork or apogeeINVENT marketing products.


| STRADA Bronze + STRADA Gold + STRADA Platinum
Included with your STRADA Platinum Continuation package is all of the above-mentioned services from our STRADA Gold plus our STRADA Bronze Continuation package. All of these packages work perfectly together complimenting each other and providing you and your dealership the tool for success. Talk to one of our skilled support or sales team members about upgrading to STRADA Platinum today!

| VirtualDEALER (Contact FREE Website Vehicle Sales Tool) NEW
With the outbreak of the COVID-19, the independent automotive industry we love and support has been impacted greatly, forcing new Contact FREE online vehicle sales that are more important than ever. We are proud to be the industry first independent automotive website provider to make available a customizable online vehicle shopping experience that we call VirtualDEALER! Turn your autoSTRADA website into a "Carvana" of sorts to provide your customers with the safe shopping enviorment they want and need. 
Activation Fee applies*

| iPayAuto (PCI Compliant Customer Payment Portal System)
Remove payments barriers so you can get paid faster with iPayAuto payment portal. Customers will love the convenience of paying online. Accept online payments from any device including iPhone, Android, PC, and iOS. Great for special finance and BHPH with no transaction fees or limits. Our fully PCI compliant software even includes integration with financial software like Quickbooks and most DMS systems.

| 700Credit Quick Qaulify Application (Fully Integrated API)
If you know the automotive industry chances are you have heard of 700Credit and the amazing quick qualify service they offer. This state of the art system helps you instantly determine your customer's creditworthiness without a social or credit beauru pull so you can desk your deals faster. Our direct API integration with 700Credit connects to our VirtualDEALER providing access to results without ever having to leave your autoSTRADA website. Best of all, since we built the native application for your autoSTRADA we keep a carbon copy of every lead for you in our CRM and send 700Credit the results.

| Bi-Yearly SEO Review & SERP
Being in the know is the name of this game and what better way to win that game then with the clearest possible picture of how things are doing to decide what to change. We take SEO very seriously and in doing so we conduct a Bi-Yearly audit of your websites Google Search Engine Rank Placement to help you analyze what's working and what's changed. We can then assist with coaching to adjust for a market shift.