What gives a dealership the edge over their competition online. One word “PRESENCE”. sideCAR will put you in more places and completely maximize your online market share. Our technology already provides outstanding performance to help you dominate your primary target market but with sideCAR you can really maximize your efforts!


What if I could show you a way to increase your VehiclesNetwork website traffic by 200%+?

Let’s start with what is already a fact! Through our proprietary internal link management system, every website that we build is automatically pushed to an incredibly high rank. In fact, what we do is so different, new clients are often shocked at the instant results reflected through increased sales on their lot. We have figured out the formula that has taken our dealers traffic to the next level. Because we are already number one for SEO traffic, the only company we needed to beat was ourselves and we did it!

Introducing SideCar Targeted Microsites. The newest traffic magnet of the VehiclesNetwork family of products:

Our product SideCar, an incredible SEO targeted satellite site to any current VehiclesNetwork Web. Although we are the top company already for SEO this product will double your traffic and supercharge online presence. SideCar will also allow you to dominate the web space in surrounding cities and widen your reach to new car buyers.

  • Easy to manage back office that allows you to instantly double your website presence for the incredible increase in SEO
  • The ability to customize each SideCar to match your current website or change to make unique.
  • The ability to have your entire inventory listed on a whole new content and keyword rich site
  • Increase your sales in nearby cities and counties by huge percentage points
  • Gain more web presence market share by controlling more auto sales property online
  • Each SideCar Targeted MicroSite is instantly added to our incredibly high ranking link system maximizing its visibility in the search engines (It truly is like having 2 websites)
  • You can get as many SideCar Targeted Microsites as you want! Doubling and tripling your traffic and more over time.


Get a VehiclesNetwork SEO Website Platform and we will get you started

Every single website we build is an SEO and traffic “destination” for your local car buyers. We do a tremendous amount of work to make your presence incredible. Including publishing your autos to over 100 other websites where your inventory is seen.