Does Your Dealership Need Facebook?

by Lindsey - Posted 2 years ago

Over the past decade, Facebook has become more than just a social network. It has become the new Craigslist, leveraging the trust from people’s connections and personal profiles to make their Marketplace a huge success.

Even amidst recent reports of slowed growth and political issues plaguing the social network, Facebook and its associated apps (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) is still a major player in the digital marketing realm. The network has the power to shape opinions and drive traffic to businesses. 

This power can be leveraged by your auto dealership.

How can auto dealerships use Facebook to increase sales?

A business profile for your auto dealership helps to build trust in your dealership brand.

By sharing photos and testimonials from happy customers, you are proving that your independent auto dealership is worth their attention and trust. By including images of your employees, you are connecting with potential car buyers on a personal level. 

When you share local events or causes you participate in as an auto dealership, you are proving that you’re more than just a business; you’re an important part of the community and care about the people you call customers.

Facebook is one of the touchpoints many people use in their vehicle buying journey. One study found that 78% find social media useful when deciding on a new automobile purchase.

The concept of “FOMO”, or Fear of Missing Out, was one of the main driving factors to make a big purchase, like a new vehicle. And Facebook is a major factor in FOMO - seeing what your friends, colleagues, and family are buying makes us afraid of missing out, and drives buying behaviors.

Facebook is also a social marketplace. Car buyers ask for recommendations from friends. Seeing that their connections “like” your auto dealership is like a referral.  39% of car buyers surveyed said posts from family and friends helped them discover a new vehicle.

Facebook gives auto dealerships a great opportunity to earn the trust of a car buyer, and put their inventory in front of local customers.

We’ve discussed how important Facebook can be to build trust and get in front of car buyers. But what about listing cars on Facebook Marketplace?

Should You List Used Autos on Facebook Marketplace?

When it comes to car shopping, Facebook is still a player in helping people discover the vehicle they want. 34% of women discover new automobiles through the Facebook family of apps.

After online discovery and research, the majority of people surveyed still head to a car dealership when it comes time to actually purchase a new vehicle. 79% of auto consumers buy or plan to buy in dealerships, compared to just 20% who buy or plan to buy online.

That means, they discover your dealership through social places like Facebook Marketplace, and will then complete the sale with your dealership.

By listing your inventory on Facebook Marketplace, you are increasing the chances of car buyers choosing you over the competition. Your inventory is available, able to be liked and shared, and discovered through searches.

Since most buyers want to work with a dealership they trust, this will also allow customers to connect with your dealership on Facebook and get to know your brand better.

How Do You Get Your Auto Inventory on Facebook?

Honestly, uploading each car and keeping it updated in Facebook’s Marketplace can be challenging. That is a lot of time and effort to focus on one place, even if it is an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

What is the solution? Automated Facebook auto inventory uploaders can help. VehiclesNetwork is excited to announce our latest product for independent auto dealerships, the Facebook Posting Assistant. This optional service will be available to all our dealership clients in the next few months.

Interested in learning more about getting your inventory on Facebook, without the hassle? Ask us for more information!