Why Attend Auto Dealership Conventions

by Lindsey - Posted 2 years ago

Dwight and Chris are looking ahead to this year’s NIADA convention coming in June to Las Vegas (conveniently where our main office is located!). We have continued to attend the event, even while some pandemic fears linger. Why does the VehiclesNetwork team consider conventions to be so valuable?

Why attend an auto dealer convention?

Building Trust

Trust is a crucial part of any working relationship. We carry out so many of our relationships online in modern times. Face-to-face meetings are now more important than ever to balance impersonal digital connections. 

Conventions are a great way to put a face to names or brands for auto dealerships. Whether it is a service provider, partner, or team members from distant locations, meeting and socializing is crucial to building a trust relationship.

Our team loves the opportunity to connect with our clients and partners at auto conventions.  From the state and national independent auto dealer associations that we serve, to the hundreds of auto dealership clients we work with regularly by phone or online, getting to meet our contacts is exciting and so valuable. Exchanging a hand shake or sharing a drink or meal together forms a bond of trust that no digital conversation can compete with.

Conventions can not only build trust with people from other organizations, they can also be a great team-building experience for your own staff.

Getting out of the regular work environment and sharing a positive convention experience together can help boost morale and turn coworkers into a team.

Enhancing Learning

Investing in your employees has huge advantages. By offering your staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge, you are helping your auto business. 

Many auto dealer conventions offer great educational opportunities from panels and speakers. From search optimization presentations put on by our own CEO Chris Jackson, to motivation sales speakers and many other panels, you and your staff can learn the latest trends, strategies, and industry developments.

The auto industry is constantly evolving, particularly with regards to digital car sales and the pandemic. Staying abreast of the latest tools and strategies is crucial for your auto dealership’s success.

While the food and expo floor might be the most exciting part of a convention, don’t underestimate the value of enhanced learning from presentations and panels.

Forming Valuable Networks

You’ve certainly heard “It’s not about what you know, but who you know.” This is true for any industry. Building your network of industry connections has huge value for auto dealerships. Connecting with other auto dealership owners, service providers, and professionals in the industry can have long-lasting benefits.
They offer the opportunity to seek advise or counsel, special discounts or access to exclusive services.

Having a network to leverage can help your auto dealership through tough times.

Forming those connections allows you to tap into a vast knowledge base from many different individuals with varied experiences. 

The shared experience of a convention is the perfect place to build a network of colleagues that you can tap into when the need arises.

Keeping an eye on the competition

We know the competition is fierce in the used auto industry. The saying “Keep your friends close, and your enemy’s closer” comes to mind. Of course, the competition isn’t your enemy. But you can learn a lot from their successes and failures.

Attending a convention allows you to get a glimpse into what the competition is doing, and perhaps learn some valuable information to benefit your own auto dealership.

Wondering what conventions are best for independent auto dealerships? Local conventions can be great ways to connect with others in your local community. Many independent state autos dealer organizations offer in person events. If you're local for a national event, the NIADA puts on a great show every year with knowledgeable speakers, great social events, and spectacular venues. 

If you plan to head down to Vegas for this year's NIADA event, don't forget to look us up! We'll have a special gift for you, and we love to grow our network of trusted colleagues, clients, and partners!