Auto Dealer Websites Browser Update Alert

by Lindsey - Posted 4 years ago

Don’t let your website pages be blocked! Check if your website is compatible with upcoming browser changes in December.

You may have heard of this upcoming browser update by several of the major browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla, and Edge. Google and Mozilla have already discontinued support of flash, although it can be enabled in Chrome. Come December, these browsers will completely block Adobe Flash.

On December 31, 2020, Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash. 

Ultimately, Flash was too clunky and had potential performance issues on many of the world’s devices today.

The main issue though, was that Flash is terribly insecure. Malware developers use Flash as an easy tool to create attacks because the software has so many zero-day exploits that make this possible.

Many more suitable open standards like HTML5 and WebGL are far more sufficient for what Flash used to do in the past, so many have already turned away from it.

Neglecting to convert Flash to HTML5 will have implications for your website and SEO.

How do you know if your auto dealer website uses flash?

There are several ways to check if your website uses flash.

First, ask your website manager or provider. They should know if your website was designed using flash. OR, ask us! We are happy to provide a free website analysis.

You can also try right clicking on a page on your website. A box will open up with options to click on. If you have the option to “Zoom in” at the top corner and “About Adobe Flash Player” at the bottom, then your website is using flash.

You can also use this tool to check if your player has flash. 

What should you do if your auto dealer website uses flash?

This would be a good time to update your website. Don’t wait until December when browsers begin blocking flash. This will hurt your SEO and affect your website conversions, costing you leads.

Converting Adobe Flash to HTML5, the current mobile-friendly framework used most often and recommend by Google, is the ideal solution.

Our AutoSTRADA platform, which replaced the AutoBAHN product, is built on the HTML5 Framework. This makes websites load more quickly, function better on mobile, and keeps them more secure.

Ask us about the benefits of HTML5 for your auto dealer website, or request a free website review from our website consultants. We’ll let you know if you’re using flash, if you’re mobile friendly, how fast your website loads, and other things you can do to improve your SEO.