CES 2020 in Las Vegas

by Lindsey - Posted 4 years ago

The Consumer Electronic Show is again being held in Las Vegas this year. Anticipation has been building, and social media has been abuzz with everything from discussions about speaker relevancy, to what is going to be the top innovations on display

There is something for every industry at the show, and auto innovation is at its finest, which is why Chris and some of the team take the time to attend what is arguably “the global stage for innovation”. Dwight from ApogeeINVENT typically attends with the AST team, since the AST parent company takes particular interest in trends that will impact the digital world, and what that means for our software. 

If you’re planning to attend CES this year, be sure to connect with our team. They love to spend face time with our clients and colleagues. 

I’ll be adding images as the team captures the moments at the event, so be sure to check back, or follow us on social media: Facebook Page / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram

Here are a few observations on auto innovations at CES from the first day, noted by digital news source Hustle

Car culture is still in the fast lane

The cars of the future may not look like your mom’s Mazda (and they may not guzzle the same gas). But judging by yesterday’s hype, car culture isn’t going anywhere.

Electric cars were everywhere. Established automakers like Audi and Mercedes-Benz showed off sleek new electric designs, but so did less-established car companies like Fisker, Faraday, and Byton.

Electric Cars at CES

Even Sony made a car, a shocking reminder that the future of automaking is wide open. But the Japanese electronics giant’s electric Vision-S raised a lot of questions (Sony didn’t make it clear if it plans to put the car into production).

Sony Car at CES

An Avatar-inspired car from Mercedes-Benz was a glowing, blue symbol of self-driving hype. The scale-covered, steering wheel-less Vision AVTR (for Advanced Vehicle Transformation) ride recognizes the driver’s pulse and breath and moves sideways like a crab -- but there are no plans to put the glowing blue beast into production.

Avatar Car at CES

And fancy in-car entertainment systems were a good reminder that self-driving cars will also usher in a new era where cars aren’t just vehicles but also mobile entertainment centers that have giant screens (see Byton’s 48-inch screen) and myriad infotainment features (see partnerships with Amazon and Accuweather).

Byton's 48 Inch Screen at CES