Welcome to our brand new website

by Lindsey - Posted 5 years ago

Auto Search Technologies has a new home on the web! Built on the same great platform that all our AutoSTRADA websites utilize, AST needed a little bodywork to stay competitive. 

We will be working behind the scenes to add in content, update links, and give you the flawless experience you’re used to from AST’s website.

Why a new website?

You may have heard we recently retired our AutoBAHN platform and have replaced it with our mobile responsive AutoSTRADA

Getting regular maintenance is essential to keeping a car running smoothly. The same can be said for a website. As quickly as browsers update and search engines change their algorithms, having a website that is regularly updated keeps your dealership competitive

That is why we’ve always offered free updates to anyone using our platform. However, with some of the major mobile changes taking place, an entirely new framework was necessary. AutoSTRADA was born, our latest mobile responsive high performance website platform.

We have been encouraging our clients to switch over to this new framework for several months now, and we’ve finally listened to our own advice and switched the AST site over.

What are the benefits of the new mobile framework found in AutoSTRADA?

Since this platform is built using Bootstrap 4, the latest mobile framework for websites, it will have a few crucial advantages:

  • Faster load speeds.
  • More responsive images and design elements.
  • Better mobile ranking to comply with Google’s new mobile-first initiative.
  • New modules that function smoothly on all devices.
  • Improved mobile search optimization.
  • And more!

If you’re wondering if a website overhaul is necessary for your auto dealership, contact us now for a free website analysis.