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Chris A. Jackson

Chris A. Jackson


I am the Chief Executive Officer for VehiclesNETWORK, an ApogeeINVENT company.

I began my journey into the automotive electronics world in 1996, later joining the elite group and handful of MECP Master Certified technicians in the United States. Over the course of the next 13 years I helped countless clients including sports celebrities design and build custom exotic car audio and security systems. My passion for cars, electronics and detailed eye brought me great success even better industry partnerships.

I hold a degree in business and communications and have received numerous leadership and sales training awards over the past 26+ years in the auto industry. My passion for innovation and desire to help  lead those around me to reach and exceed goals has played a key role in the notable achievements VehiclesNETWORK has accomplished to date. We are team focused on our auto dealers success and I'm proud to part of our talented group of automotive professionals.