| With our autoBAHN SEO Website platform, all you need to be online is our optional basic hosting package which will provide everything you need for your standard day to day website operations. For those that have either outgrown the offered service included with our basic hosting package or are simply looking to expand on the available services we offer that are tailored to the autoBAHN platform we have you covered. With our nitroNET Dealer Service Package, we include an awesome set of add-ons, expansions and additional services that are sure to cover all your dealership and website needs from A-Z.

*All new autoBAHN clients will receive a complimentary 180 day free trial of our nitroNET Dealer Service Package.


| autoSTRADA Maintenance Updates

With all digital technology things are constantly changing. You probably notice this most with common software updates for your smartphone however what you don't commonly see is all the work that goes into maintaining your cutting edge website platform. We provide lifetime updates to your software license while you're hosted with us free of charge so you can rest assured you have the latest and greatest.

| Customer Support Live & Job Ticket

When you host with us on our servers you get lots of benefits including our multi-point customer support services. We provide fast and convenient email support as well as a dedicated job ticket system built into your website platform. To top things off, we assign dedicated account managers to you along with our entire support team who are made available to you via phone during normal business hours.

| Hosting & POP3 Webmail (Up To 30)
When you host on our servers, your site is easily accessible for our team to resolve any issues you may have or make future changes to enhance your product. Features Include: Hosting on one of our dedicated servers with the optimal website serving technology, Free software license updates, unlimited bandwidth, up to 30 (POP3 Only) webemail addresses with advanced spam filtering.

| Unlimited Imports & Exports
Maintaining premium paid imports and exports can be super costly these days. With our this continuation package we include unlimited 3rd party imports and exports meaning that we can help you send and receive your inventory from just about anyplace. We also don't tack on expensive monthly fees on a per-feed basis so you can save that money or spend it on other advertising opportunities.

| Branded Window Stickers
Easily create and print Window Stickers for your vehicles. Our Widow Stick has several user-selectable sizes, including formats for standard adhesive sheets and pocket sleeves. Create an eye-catching combination of vehicle information and your branding quick and easy. Window Stickers are downloadable .pdf’s making the entire process safe and easy for all devices and operating systems.

| Vehicle VIN Decoding Service
These days many auto dealers work with or use some kind of DMS service to manage inventory so you probably have used that services VIN Decoder to add inventory and explode all the various features and options. For some dealers these systems and convenience is not available and who wants to hand key all that data? We provide VIN Decoding within your website for easy inventory management.

| AutoHitList Network
AutoHitList Network is our online auto shopping website and vehicle blaster. We are constantly adding new online listing services to our network reach as they become available so things are always expanding. We save you the tedious process of loading single vehicles to the most popular free online classified and auto shopping websites such as CarGuRus, TruCar, Vast, Oodle, CarFax and more.

| Craigslist Posts (First 10 x $7 each $6 each after per mo.)
Depending on your market area and inventory specialty, Craigslist can be a great place to advertise your inventory and financing options. We provide premium stylized postings for your dealership and work with you for your preferred posting schedule. Please speak with one of our talented support agents for more details about posting schedules and requirements to get started today.

| Social Toolbar / nitroNET Control Panel
Present your social media channels directly to your potential customers from any page of your website. Our social media toolbar anchors at the bottom of the users screen and allows them view and interact with all of your available social channels. nitroNET subscribers gain access to an exclusive control panel offering more charts, stats and website health statistics ensuring you have the best tools and reporting.

| Dedicated Mobile Website Version
VehiclesNetwork has developed a responsive design mobile website version for all of our clients powered by our nitroNET DSP. Our new mobile website version ensures an easy method of browsing your listed inventory along with a safe and reliable way for your potential customers to contact you from any smartphone or web-connected mobile device. If you don't have a responsive website, you need this today!